Jeff's Story

My dive mantra's used to be “I'm not going to dive in the UK” or “I am happy just to stay an advanced diver” or “I don't want to join a dive club they are all clicky”

That all changed when I met my friend and dive buddy Paul French.

I booked onto a live-aboard in Egypt on my own in 2011 and while waiting to board Paul’s thoughtful first comment to me after studying my Spurs baseball cap was "What's that rubbish on your head!" A week later we were firm friends and have travelled together several times since, and I am looking forward to DiveMania’s Red Sea trip in October, at the same time he introduced me to the rest of the guys who along with myself are responsible for forming DiveMania Scuba, they are now great friends and equally great dive buddies.

I now own a dry suit, dive in the UK am furthering my dive education, which has been an absolute blast. I will soon have my Master Scuba diver rating signed off, and will then be looking at the Divemaster course.

What is cool, is that it's my friends and dive buddies who are instructing me. This has been done with consummate professionalism and puts a smile on your face as it's fun

Everyone at DiveMania welcomes new divers with a smile, and I know you would have a great time with us. Have you found your best dive friends? They could just be waiting to meet you at DiveMania

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