The Importance of Diving Skills

By Martin Betts

I was reading an interesting article on the other day relating to the reasons why BCD and Weight removal at the surface is taught as a skill in the PADI Open Water Course. The article gave a real life example when these skills are used and can be found here

Two other skills taught on the Open Water Course are how to deal with a free flowing regulator (a regulator that has failed and by design they fail open so that you can still breathe from them) and alternate air source use (using your buddies alternate second stage (or Octopus). Both of these skills are taught in case of need, however on a recent dive my buddy experienced a problem, which required use of both skills.

It was a lovely sunny day and we were at Gildenburgh Water, about to do the third dive of the day. Paul, an experienced instructor, was teaching the PADI Deep Diver Specialty and about to do dive number two. I was accompanying him as a certified assistant as safety is paramount at Divemania Scuba and we always have one when diving with students in open water.