So along we went with multiple pairs of sandals each and a range of beach dresses to arrive at a beautiful boat in the marina, which I hasten to add was exactly as shown in the pictures we had received.

We set up our dive gear at our individual stations and then had an extensive boat and overall trip briefing which just left us over-excited for the next morning!

The next morning, and each morning after that, we were woken up with a soft knock at the cabin door and cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate made to order. The bell would ring half an hour later for our dive briefing and that was how our mornings started. Oh how I miss that bell! No need for a watch or a phone when you have a bell that tells you when it’s time to dive, and time to eat.

I had basic expectations in terms of food, but was pleasantly surprised with a full buffet of hot and cold freshly cooked meals. I’m fortunate enough to be a part of a great club so I knew the company was always going to be great, but what I wasn’t expecting was the helpful crew and brilliant diving with great visibility and marine life (I don’t want to rub it in too much but brilliant is a drastic understatement).

Forget struggles of pulling on your wetsuit and kit, and waddle-hopping wearing one fin trying to get the other one on.

The crew and dive guides had great banter but were also an integral part of the liveaboard. They learnt our names, food preferences and even our diving strengths and weaknesses within the first 24 hours, and were then the equivalent of our liveaboard guardian angels for the rest of our trip.

I wish I could go on and on about all of the best bits, but to be honest, there’s just way too many.

You’ll just have to check out our facebook pics and posts, or even better, sign up for the next one!

I didn’t use my straighteners, didn’t wear my make-up, my poor summer sandals or my dresses, my phone went into shock from not being used or even checked, but this incredible experience was all about being on a boat in the middle of the Red Sea, the great company, and the amazing diving.

I’ll miss being a #LiveaboardNewbie on the next trip because I’m now a #LiveaboardAddict but I might still try and cram my straighteners into my luggage in the hope that I might get to use them!

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