I have Just returned from the most amazing experience of my life with DiveMania Scuba and the trip they organised to the Maldives.

Having already been on a live aboard in Egypt I was expecting more or less the same things but this blew me away.

A boat called a 'dhoni' follows the main boat (Voyager) where all the dive equipment is set up. Before each dive we just step over to the dhoni and off we go to the dive site. The main boat was exceptional, It had just been newly refitted to a high standard and the food was truly exceptional. The guides from Blue O Two were excellent, always ensuring the dive entries maximised the drift dives we were doing, and the other sites we visited. I completed my @PADI drift specialty on this trip, an amazing place to do this.

The diving is what truly made this trip. Seeing sharks, rays, turtles, dolphins and pilot whales in their natural habitat up close can never be truly described but should always be experienced.

For me, however watching the beautiful manta rays doing their dances above my head is an experience I will never forget. They magnificently glided around us as we watched the show.

Seeing my first ever whale shark, majestically gliding through the water, is again an experience that will be hard to top.

These experiences are why I learnt to dive…….Experiencing things like this, makes me want to dive this way more. I can not wait until I get back to the Maldives and or / a future DiveMania liveaboard to experience this magic again!




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