Steve's Top Tips - Basic Dive Tools & Save a Dive Kit.

So you are ready to dive and the ‘O’ ring in the first stage is leaking, the hose from the first stage is loose and there’s a hole in your dry suit! You ask your buddies if anyone can or has anything to help and get a blank look - Surely someone can/has?

It may or may not surprise you to hear that most divers purchase the kit to do a dive, but forget to invest in the basics in equipment or training that allow them to keep it going! It’s easy really as there are dedicated dive tools or you can use a range of open ended spanners to adjust hoses and a range of about 8 to 15 mm should do for most jobs.

A set of Allen keys, 4mm to 8m normally and a set of scuba ‘O’ rings in a container. Add a few cable ties, a bit of super strong duct tape, some silicone grease and you’re able to deal with most basic pre/post dive let me downs. There is a crossover from cycling’s basic repair tools to scuba tools that may assist in your purchasing choice, so check the common sizes required for your hoses and 1st stage before you buy.

The Save a dive kit can have a few basics such as a spare mask, spare strap, mask defogger, batteries for a torch, in car charger and cable for dive computer and the user manual to help see what those error codes mean. There is a glue type sealant called Blackwitch, which has many uses to stop water from getting into places it shouldn’t and keep you dry.

The list could be endless but by having a few basics with you and a few tools, it can help you in a few ways.

  1. You’ll be able to dive or assist others and also mentally you are well prepared should it go differently to plan as you’ve prepared for it.

  2. You won’t be that person who’s always asking for stuff time and time again.

The Equipment specialty, (scheduled to run on 7 April 2018) Self Reliant Diver or RNLI Sea Safety courses will give you an insight into how to look after your kit and how to be a safer diver for not only yourself, but your buddies. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

Contact the Divemania team for guidance and Safe Diving

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