The Future of You!

So far I’ve written about preparing for the approaching dive season, kit maintenance and cold water diving. Let’s take a look into the Scuba crystal bubble and see what your diving future holds!

Between the DiveMania arranged trips, Blue O Two (our Live-aboard travel partner) and the Padi Travel Network we have the ability to get you and your buddies access to the most amazing dive locations on our planet. Even if your jetting off on a family holiday and it’s a bit of a tight fit to squeeze in some dive time, we may have a contact who can help you enjoy the local dive scene.

To get the most from them and your dive holiday take a look at their prices and see if it’s worth taking all of your own kit, some of your kit or renting it from the dive operator. Balance this with your luggage allowance, suitcase space and the amount of diving you’ll be doing as lugging all of your kit for one dive may not be the best option.

Whilst diving you may wish to hire a dive guide or explore the dive site yourself. Consider your own ability and experience in the area you’ll be diving. Can you navigate the return journey, understand and operate your dive computer and take pictures for the world to see, all at the same time. If you would like more knowledge on this then either the Underwater Navigator, Multilevel Diver or Digital Underwater Photography are courses you can take to broaden your knowledge.

Always check out the dive site with local dive operators for those local tips that can help you get the most from the dive and keep you safe. A local dive guide is worth the expense to get the most from any new site you’ve not dived before.

Prepare as much as you can and look at your own training and make sure you can maximise the dives to the full. Extend the dive plan with an Enriched Air course, learn how to take the best underwater photographs with the underwater photography course or explore the wrecks of the ocean with Wreck diver training.

For every interest you have in diving there are training courses to help you get the most from the dives you do. They say knowledge is power and in diving it’s knowledge with a mastery of skills that allows you to have the maximum amount of fun whilst blowing bubbles. Balance the theory with the skills and it’s a great platform to build on.

Why not take the next step and join the ranks in becoming a Padi Pro? Start off with your Divemaster course and progress onto the Instructor Development Course with a view to becoming an Open Water Scuba Instructor. It’s very rewarding and allows you help, support and guide others who are just starting their own scuba journey.

You dive because you enjoy the freedom it brings and the more you dive, the more relaxed and experienced you become. Think about what got you into diving and how many more people could enjoy the underwater world. Dive for fun, Dive with friends and above all, Keep Diving.

If we can help you, email us at or speak to the DiveMania dive team on club nights at the Underwater Studio in Basildon or at the weekly training sessions we hold at Impulse leisure, Grays. For dates check out the calendar here.

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