Brighton Dive - 1 July 2018

An early night on Saturday was needed ready for the bright and early start Sunday morning to head down to Brighton! The day started with the vital McDonalds breakfast and cup of coffee before beginning to load the boat at 6am!

We left the harbour at 7am sharp and made our way to the Fortuna. The 250ft steamship sank in approximately 28m of water in 1916 and is in really good condition considering it is over 100 years old. Everybody enjoyed the dive and, upon surfacing, we were greeted with perfect weather to stay on the boat for a break before our second one.

After having lunch and replenishing our energy levels, we were ready to go again.

Our next dive was a gentle drift heading East with the current which allowed us to explore a lot more than if we’d had to swim! Unfortunately we didn’t have great visibility but with the current taking us along, we knew we could only head in one direction and the boat would be following to collect us.

After warming up on the boat afterwards, we had a slow ride back to the harbour in the sunshine, making sure to wave at everybody on the boardwalk and show off our supply of chocolate biscuits!

A lovely weekend overall, great weather and a really fun couple of dives.

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