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Divemania Scuba has been established by a group of friends, who set this up to enjoy diving and teaching together, and get as many people as possible into the sport that we love.

Last October some of us went on a trip together with blue o two on one of their project shark itineraries and this video was taken.

The first part of the video is a close encounter with a Manta Ray followed by the entire boat hanging at 5 metres waiting for the inquisitive Oceanic White Tip Sharks to come and check us out. It goes to show you do not have to always dive deep to have a fantastic dive. In fact there are many beautiful dives for divers certified to 18 metres which the PADI Open Water Certification allows you to do so contact us or come and join us in Grays, Essex to find out more about this.

Experience levels on the shark dive ranged from teenage open water divers to pensioners who were regularly diving to the maximum recreational limits so learn to dive with us and this could be you.

The dive with the Manta would not have been possible for an Open Water Diver as we were beyond the maximum depth for that certification but by doing the PADI Advanced Open Water course then this enables you to dive to a maximum of 30 metres. Don't be put off by the word Advanced, it is a great course which gives you 5 more dives with a PADI Instructor to hone your skills, experience and try some different types of dive via the Adventure Dives you have to do as part of the course.

Two of these dives are mandatory, being the Deep and the Navigation Adventure Dives but you can then choose three other Adventure Dives to become certified such as Peak Performance Buoyancy, Digital Underwater Photographer, Drift Diver and many more to choose from. By doing these dives with an Instructor, you will gain valuable knowledge and assistance from them.

The video was taken on a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition.

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