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Night diving

Speciality Instructor

As a PADI Instructor, you are qualified to take someone from their very first experience in the water while doing a Discover Scuba Diving experience, all the way to them becoming your very own assistant as a PADI Divemaster. That's great, and a real achievement for you as an instructor to be able to progress a diver through those core courses. However, most people are also interested in specific areas of diving, perhaps photography, or the history of a wreck.


As a certified OWSI, you can become a speciality instructor in a whole range of specialist areas of diving for you to share this further knowledge and experience with your students.  


PADI Assistant Instructors, instructor candidates in training, and PADI Divemasters are eligible to enrol in certain specialty instructor courses as well. Eligible speciality courses are marked * below.


If you are already a PADI Divemaster and would like to earn these 5 Speciality Instructor ratings, a special offer price of £300 applies. 

Diver in wreck
Divers in lake
Sidemount diving
  • PADI application fees are not included - £49.20 each

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