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My Open Water Dives are soon...what should I expect?

In the week before your open water dives, we will email you key logistical details that will give you all the essential information you need so you are all set to go diving. At this stage we are sure you will be excited about the upcoming weekend.

You will arrive at the dive site and most probably be a little nervous about what to expect, but don’t worry, it is perfectly normal to feel this way. Remember that the primary responsibility of all instructors, divemasters and surface support is to ensure your safety, followed by ensuring that the day is fun and goes as smoothly as possible.

The first thing that needs to happen is getting checked in and this will be advised as soon as you arrive. This differs from site to site, some check you in before you enter (while still in your car) and others do it on the premises once you have parked. This checking in process will involve paying your fees for diving, and one of our staff will be here to guide you in the right direction.

You will then have a site briefing. This will cover general site information and tell you what you need to know, but not least, where to get a cup of tea! The most important point for this briefing is the location of first aid / safety equipment, emergency phone, surface support procedures and the location of our emergency plan.

This briefing will cover such key points as:

  • Points of interest about the location and site itself

  • Inform where facilities are

  • Where to get ready

  • Where to get air fills

  • Where to sort any required equipment hire

  • Where to get drinks and snacks

  • As the dive site will typically be used over 2 consecutive days, the second day’s briefing will only reiterate the safety points.


The paperwork in question is no different to what has already been completed for the confined part of your Open Water Course but must be done again prior to entering open water.

Next, we will ensure that you have all your necessary dive kit and assemble that ready for your first dive. This is something you will now be familiar with but of course help is on hand and one of our team will be delighted to help. Don’t forget any mistakes will be picked up during your Buddy Check; that is what it is there for. Remember BWRAF! This check will be completed under the watchful eyes of DiveMania staff.

Just before kit assembly or just after depending on weather conditions, you will need to get into your exposure suits and once this is done you are ready for the dive briefing – one of these will take place prior to every dive, where we will clearly explain what is expected of you and the required skills for completion.

After that, enter the water and enjoy. The main thing here to remember is that you will not do anything that you have not already done in the pool - just remember your training. There are no stupid questions so do not be afraid to ask. Once you have done the required skills it will be followed by a short dive and then a safety stop. Our dives are always made with an instructor, a safety diver, and sometimes there will be an additional staff member who is completing some professional training.

Back on the surface, get warm and then a debrief will happen and you will fill in your log books and that’s it! Three more dives and you will be a qualified PADI Open Water Diver!

About DiveMania Scuba

Our passion is diving, we all have many years diving experience and a love for providing diving education. DiveMania Scuba was founded by a group of friends and PADI Pro's with a love for providing quality, professional and fun diving education, we do this because we love it, not because we have to.

We can offer you all levels of PADI courses, from total beginners, who wish to "Discover Scuba" to those who wish to "Go-Pro". Our team is focused on ensuring all of our students have a fun, safe, and quality diving experience.

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