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Wreck in the Sea
Meet Our Staff

From humble beginnings in 2013, now with an exciting, dynamic and very experienced team of diving professionals, please take a look below at the many members of staff who may teach you at some point.


Martin Betts


Master Instructor

I am a regular keen diver and have been diving since 2001 and want to share my passion and enthusiasm for diving with others with the aim to bring more people into the sport of recreational diving.

My favourite dive was in the Maldives where I had a close encounter with a Whaleshark. 


Paul Bryant


IDC Staff Instructor

I have always had a love of the sea and from there my passion for diving followed and had been diving on and off for some 40 years.

My favourite type of diving is from a LiveAboard sailing around the seas experiencing many different dive sites. 


David Kendrick-White


Course Director

My parents bought me the PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience for my tenth birthday present and I had my first attempt very soon afterwards. I absolutely loved it and haven't stopped since!

My favourite dive was in Cozumel, Mexico, where I had the best drift dive experience and saw so many different things. 


Alfie Cook


I have been diving since 2014 and just love the sport altogether, my passion is passing on my knowledge and experience to others.

I have dived all over the world including the UK South Coast and Farne Islands, Eqyptian Red Sea, Spain and Fuerteventura. 


Barry Tebbutt

IDC Staff Instructor

I first dived on holiday in Hurghada in 2005 and returned to the UK to do my open water diver. I became a PADI MSDT instructor in 2012 and have dived all over the world.

It’s great to be able to swim alongside wildlife, such as seals, turtles and sharks in their natural environment. I have met some wonderful people diving and have made some great friends.


Brad Walker

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Coming soon


Charlie Slocombe-Smith


From 2015 my passion for scuba diving started. My wife and I had planned a holiday to Egypt but had never dived before. We definitely wanted to give it a go!

After qualifying as Open Water divers, we progressed through lots of courses and I now enjoy helping other people find out how amazing scuba diving is!


Jamie Shaw

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

I was first introduced to diving when I was just 8 years old and soon after I completed my PADI Seal Team Course. I've had a passion for diving ever since.


All of my training has been in the UK and the majority of my diving has also been at the many dive sites the UK has to offer.  I'm a keen and regular diver so if there's a trip or training weekend going on, it's extremely likely you'll see me there. 


Jesus Ramirez-Gonzales

Open Water Scuba Instructor

Coming soon


Keith Skedd

Divemaster Candidate

Coming soon


Kieran Wood

Assistant Instructor

From a young age I can always remember being fascinated by the wonders of Scuba diving but it took until my late twenties for me to dip my toe and try it out thanks to a present from my partner of a PADI Open Water Course.


My favourite place to dive is the red sea, whether this be a nice shallow dive with dolphins to a 35-40m dive with hammerheads 


Kye Beale


Coming soon


Lesley Fuller


I've been a diver since around 2009 and have had the joy of diving in Egypt, the Caribbean and on quite a few of the trips here in the UK. 

I've been involved with DiveMania for a long time, helping on the surface and being an active diver myself, but really wanted to join the dive team due to share my love of the water with students too. It's not always about the diving, the fun and friendly community is important too!


Libbe Slocombe-Smith


Truth be told, I was petrified of the sea, well, any kind of water where I couldn’t touch or see the bottom for that matter. This all changed when I was persuaded to do my PADI Open Water Course.

The feeling you get assisting others achieve their goals in becoming a qualified scuba diver and being with them every every step of the way is amazing; a real feeling of success. Helping others while doing something you love is always a bonus!


Mark Cook


Coming soon


Paul Polain

Open Water Scuba Instructor

I have dived in number of different places including the Red Sea (Egypt), Caribbean (Mexico & Dominican Republic), Mediterranean (Balerics), the Atlantic (Canaries and Portugal) and around the UK. 

I have had some thoroughly enjoyable times diving with Divemania, who have a great team, and the diving community in general is made up of really helpful, inclusive and friendly people, which makes diving a real pleasure and never dull!


Rebecca Kendrick-White

Open Water Scuba Instructor

I've been diving since 2010 and been to lots of places around the world with my husband David. Although I prefer diving in a slightly warmer climate, the dives and trips I've been on in the UK have been excellent. 

I love the solitude, peace and quiet of being underwater and thoroughly enjoy being a part of the underwater environment...sometimes it is quite literally like swimming in the film 'Finding Nemo'!


Sakib Ahmed


I first explored the underwater world back in 2008 when I was on holiday in Turkey. They say: “It’s one planet but two different worlds!”. Exploring that other world by diving made me realise what I was missing.

I am passionate about diving and the skills involved in it. It’s fun to tell others what you see and do underwater when diving but it’s even more satisfying to assist someone on becoming a diver!


Steve Hartshorn

Open Water Scuba Instructor

I enjoy teaching students and sharing my passion for all things scuba with fellow divers as well! The great thing about our sport is that we are all the same, we are divers no matter where we come from or level of ability.


 I've been very lucky to have met some amazing people and make genuine friends along the way who have all inspired me to take the next step.


Tim Howson

Open Water Scuba Instructor

I have enjoyed diving in a wide range of other countries and environments; Egypt, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Madeira, Cape Verde and Jamaica. Most people think of diving as a holiday pastime – something for warm, tropical waters, but there are great diving opportunities here in the UK too – luscious reefs and a huge number of historical wrecks waiting to be explored.  I’ve enjoyed diving around the south coast with DiveMania on day boats sailing from Brighton, Swanage and Plymouth. 

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